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Life – surviving and fighting - Wearable object
Materials: Lycra and nylon yarn, Lycra and viscose yarn, acrylic, linen, rice

These pieces were made for an exhibition ‘Thread of Silk’ which was curated by Martha Camargo Laurance, and held in Manchester in 2007.
Each of the 18 participants were given information on specific objects excavated from different points of the Silk Road, and were asked to create a series of jewellery or objects. I was given an image of a small soldier’s bag. The use of this bag was not clear, but I felt some kind of intimacy, and sensed that there was not much difference in the essence of our lives and theirs.
We live and die.
Both of my objects have bag like structures, and imply our bodies, too. One carries rice inside representing the surviving side of a life, while another represents death; fighting or struggling for life.

Wearable object_yoko izawa
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