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Wrapped objects
Materials: Paper, nylon stocking

I made this group of objects for the 'Wrap' exhibition which was held at Art & Craft Museum, Itami, Japan in 2006. Later these were also shown at Shmuck 2008. What I tried to attempt was to try not to make things, but to try to let it become. This is based on an idea of ‘nature' in Eastern thoughts. I set two simple tasks for me; one was to crush a sheet of paper just like you do when you dispose of a sheet of paper. This way, you will get unique spontaneous forms because this is the result of the act of distraction in which you do not plan how it will be. The next task was to wrap the creased paper with ordinary stocking just concentrating on covering it carefully. Resulting objects somehow resemble to the exhistence in the natural world. I made a pin so that you can deside if you want to wear it or how you want to wear it. These objects are not jewellery yet, but they can be.

Wrapped_yoko izawa
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