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For Beautiful Human Life
Object: gold, silver, copper, slag, cosmetic case and a package

Legnica Copper Ore Seminar(22nd - 29th August 2010).

Ten artists from different background and different countries were invited to join this unique seimnar which was held by The Art Gallery in Legnica. We spent whole week together visiting a copper mine which located 1 km down under and two smelting factories to see how copper and other metals were extracted from the ore. We were given a studio space and were required to make pieces inspired by this whole experience. At the end of the siminar the resulting work were exhibited at the gallery.

This was my response:

What I experienced during this copper ore seminar was to see how things valuable for our (human) life were extracted from the original natural form. As the smelting process goes further, elements were separated from one another, and each value in the human world will be decided. I made an installation piece by juxtaposing a copper ore and an imaginary beauty product with the extracted elements from copper ore: gold, silver, copper and slag. 'The nature' which exists for its own sake always makes me think what our value system really is, and how variable and fragile it is.

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